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Boys program options:

Preschool Program … Ages 3 to 5 … For more information or to register for a preschool class click HERE and choose any class, the following class is 4-5 year old all boys.

  Wednesday 3:30 Class #3333

Boys Recreational Gymnastics … Ages 6 & up … For more information or to register for a recreational class click HERE and scroll down to find the following class.

  Tuesday 6:30 Class #3493

Boys Strength & Agility Program … Ages 6 & up … See description & schedule below.

5-10 minute warm-up

   - Running

   - Stretching

Strength training

   - Working on balance, control, and awareness of one’s body

   - Focus on the movement and proper technique before adding resistance such as         bands or weights.

   - Strength training exercises will start with body weight and high reps then gradually

        add small amounts weight

   - Sample session would be 1 set of 8-18 reps of 6-8 exercises of upper and lower

        body major muscle groups

Agility training

   - Focus on cardio and being aware of hand eye coordination and awareness of one’s         body

   - Ages 6-8 will work on arm and leg movement from stationary position such as

        jumping moves that focus on spatial awareness

   - Ages 9 and up will work on skill mastery and moving skills such as cone drills and  

       jumping and landing in a controlled manor.

Strength & Agility Class Schedules To register for a class, click HERE and scroll down to find the class you are interested in.


      3:30 pm  Class #3714

     5:30 pm  Class #3415


     4:30 pm  Class #3151

      5:30 pm  Class #3546


     4:30 pm Class #3702

     5:30 pm Class #3700


     4:30 pm Class #3421

     6:30 pm Cass #3704


Boys Gymnastics