Competitive Team membership is by invitation and is based on physical, mental, and behavioral evaluations. Following you will find descriptions of our team programs.

Xcel Team – Xcel Team is an alternative competitive team program. It is a unique program which meets the needs of many gymnasts by providing a team atmosphere and a competitive experience without the commitment of time and finances required by the USAG J.O. Program. Girls who are a bit older (10+ ) and have had success in USAG levels 5 – 8 or who are younger (7-9), have a real desire, but cannot commit to USAG, may be interested in this program. There are 5 levels of Xcel. Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. Gymnasts will compete in Xcel meets outside of the gym, 4 times per year. Girls in this program are required to participate in at least 3 meets. This is a great alternative to the USAG Junior Olympic Program for girls who are burnt out or who have fear of skills required at higher levels and/or are talented gymnasts who want to do other sports and young gymnasts who find USAG requirements too difficult.

USAG Junior Olympic Team Gymnastics – Girls must be recommended for competitive gymnastics. The hours are long and the work is hard! But for some girls, it is just what they want! We start development at age 5 – 7. Pre-team is the next step after developmental. Upon mastery of USAG required skills, the gymnast will move to level 3 where they will get ready to compete. Additional information can be provide to give more detail on this program by stopping in the Gymnastic World office or contacting us HERE. Goals and expectations of Team Gymnastics will be covered at that time.

Competitive Gymnastics
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