Our program is hardly a typical preschool gymnastics program! Our classes are designed exactly for what children need most in these formative years.  We have a deep love for children. Seeing the wonder on their faces as they develop a belief in themselves brings the parents and us the joy. One of the most challenging objectives is to have your child behave in a controlled atmosphere.  While following directions, waiting their turn, and paying attention. We have created structured, progressive, and unique lesson plans for your child to grow through.  We have taken the time to incorporate not just physical activities but also educational activities.  A highlight of our program is the use of music … this improves your child’s rhythm and listening skills.

Mommy & Me:  20 – 35 months … A playful parent and Tot class centered around age appropriate development movements on special equipment.

3/4 Preschool:  Ages 3 & 4 without parental involvement, this is the age for more independence.

4/5 Preschool:  Ages 4 & 5 without parental involvement, this is also a class for more self-sufficiency. These classes are a little bit more structured and ready for a quicker tempo!

The preschool gymnastics program meets a minimum of once per week for 45 minutes. Parents are welcome to add more than one class per week if they feel their child could use the extra class time.

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Preschool Gymnastics
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