Spring Break Camp

Dates:  Friday, March 13

              Monday, March 16; Tuesday, March 17; Wednesday, March 18; Thursday, March 19; Friday, March 20

Rates:  Daily $45;  3 Days  $125;  5 Days $175

             (3 and 5 days rates are only for days within the same week; days from different weeks cannot be combined)

Camp Registration Fee:  Free for Gym Members

                                              $25 per Non-Member Families

Time:  Drop-off and pick-up anytime between 7:30 am and 6:00 pm

No credits or pro-rated fees will be given even in the event your child

does not show up for an already paid day.

Sibling discount: $5 off daily rates.

Lunch is NOT provided. Please send lunch, snacks and drinks with your child daily.

Please contact our office at 239.482.4440 if you have questions.

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Camp Rules & Guidelines …
Drop off & Pick up:
-You must come inside every time you drop off and pick up.
-You must show a pick-up card at pick up.
-Send a picture of your pick-up card to them if someone else is picking up.
-If you’re going to be past 6:00 at pick up please call and note there is a $10 charge every 30 minutes past time.

-Lunch is NOT provided.
-Please pack plenty of food and snacks.
-If you send snack money it is your child’s responsibility to keep track of it.

-There are no refunds or credits once you pay for camp at the beginning of the week.
-There is NO carrying over days to the upcoming weeks

-We ask you keep all tablets and electronics at home.
-We want to encourage kids to socialize and interact with crafts and games.
-If your child brings their phone it is there responsibility.
-They will be asked to keep cell phones in their bag. If they need to get ahold of you we will contact you in the office.

Potty Training/Hygiene:
-Your child must be potty trained to attend camp.
-If your child has 3 or more accidents we will ask you to not bring him/her back until he/she is fully potty trained.
-If your child has lice, skin rashes or anything else that may be contagious please keep them home.

Getting your child to classes from camp:
-All children must be signed out of camp by a parent or designated individual with the child’s pick up card and then
 taken to class. Children will not be taken from camp to class by Gymnastic World Employees.

For additional information, you may view our Rules and Guidelines on
this page or contact our office HERE.

Please fill out the following form to Register your child for Gymnastic World Summer Camp.
Daily Camp Schedule …

     7:30-9:00 Camp Room
     9:00-9:10 Warm Up Game/Stretch
     9:10-9:30 Line Drills
     9:30-10:00 Event 1
     10:00-10:15 Event 2
     10:15-10:30 Event 3
     10:30-11:00 Snack and Arts and Crafts
     11:00-12:15 Open Gym
     12:15-1:00 Lunch
     1:00-1:30 Open Gym
     1:30-2:00 Games
     2:00-2:45 Activity-Skill Of The Week
     2:45-3:15 Structure Gymnastics
     3:15-4:15  ½ Open Gym
     4:15-4:45 Camp Room
     4:45-5:30 Upstairs
     5:30-6:00 Camp Room