Rising Stars Program – The first level of stars is for young children who have participated in pre-school or kindergarten programs. The class is designed to teach gymnastics skills along with increasing strength and flexibility. We use fun activities to work on conditioning so that learning is still fun, but more deliberate than a recreation class. The stars will be in gymnastics class 1 time per week for 1 hours. As the child progresses through this class, we begin to understand what direction may be appropriate. We look for talent level, progress, focus, ability to follow directions, willingness to work and learn new skills and desire to do gymnastics. This class is by invitation only. Over time girls from the class will be recommended for USAG team, some for higher stars level and some for XCEL team. (Read on for descriptions of those programs.) There may also be situations where the gymnast wants to go to a recreational gymnastics class. Each outcome is perfectly okay! This is a program created to figure all of that out earlier rather than later!

Stars Red, White and Blue – This program is for girls who love gymnastics and want to build more than basic skills more quickly than a recreation program allows. These girls come 1-4 hours per week and work on skills for all events. We have a beginner group (red) and an intermediate (white) and advanced (Blue) group. The skills each girl learns may vary slightly depending on abilities and physical aptitude for the sport. The goal is to participate in small, informal “in-house” competitions. After they build some skills on all events, they will learn routines and compete 2 times per year. Girls in this program will work on some strength and conditioning skills as well as flexibility and form.

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Stars League
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